Wednesday, January 18, 2006
Nelly Furtado & Timbaland, Kelis and Ladies Love...  

What up folks. I'm just breezing by to bless you with a couple of pieces of new shit that I've scooped up on the R&B front. I'll be poppin' by every now and then to get you guys up on that R&B shit, since Essy's been holding ya'll down as far as hiphop.

First shit I'm gonna jump into are the new tracks produced by Timbaland for Nelly Furtado's junior album, "Loose," do out sometime early this year. It's supposed to be real hot, featuring 6-7 productions from Timbo. Let's take a first listen...

Nelly Furtado - Maneater This is slated to be the first single. Honestly, the first time I heard it, it sounded like something Gwen'd trashed from Timbaland for her L.A.M.B. project. It had "Hollaback Girl"-ish potential smeared all over it. But after a couple of listens, I began to appreciate the production on the track, and I felt like it was a good production risk for Tim to take. Not only that, but Furtado's voice sounds amazing over the track. I think you've gotta let this ride a couple of times for you to get a hang of it...but what isn't like that?

Nelly Furtado feat. Timbaland - Promiscuous Girl Y'know, this is the kind of shit I live for. Nelly Furtado isn't really R&B per se, but I'll definitely say that Timbaland laced her on this track. To me, as a Timbaland fan, I felt like he was really slacking after Kiley Dean's unreleased album, Simple Girl, but he's up to his old tricks again on this track. I'm really diggin' everything about it: the lyrics, the production, the harmonies. And I love the way Nelly's voice floats across this track. I've never heard her voice like this before. Definitely gonna be hot in these streets.

Kelis feat. Too $hort - Bossy Shawdy...I'm gonna be honest. I hated this song at first. I guess it was because I was so used to Kelis's sultry voice over a Neptunes-laced track, so I guess that lessened the appeal of this track to me. But honestly, I heard at the club and I put it on a mixed CD (yeah, I bootleg and buy shit) for a friend...and we was in the car just jammin'...and the song ain't all that bad, in the right setting. I think Kelis did a good thing on this track, and her label mate, Too $hort does it justice. If you're not feeling this track yet, just give it a few more spins...listen to it while you're leanin' in your ride, or on your way to the club or something. The shit'll definitely get you right for the night.

LL Cool J. feat. Jennifer Lopez & Jermaine Dupri So...let me be the first to say that this track isn't for everybody. If you like catchy club music that you can dance to with not too many words...or if you dug Missy Elliott, Ciara & Fatman Scoop on "Lose Control," you'll fuck with this. I personally love this song...and I would definitely would get it poppin' in the club. Not only that, but J.D. has fasho stepped up his production game. And this track makes you remember why call Jenny from the Block "J. Lo."

Take a listen...comment. Do ya thing. I'll be back with more on a semi-daily basis.