Tuesday, January 31, 2006
Usher makes Pharrell sound wack.  

Usher - I Heard A Rumor Quite possibly one of the wackest Neptunes productions I've ever heard. It seems like every time Usher gets with The Neptunes, the songs always end up being anti-climatic (and maybe that's why the always get scraped). And I'm not talking about from the 8701 sessions (I mean, "I Don't Know," and "U Don't Have to Call" are sick), but circa-Confessions, the tracks he's done with Pharrell & Chad haven't been up to par, save "Sweet Lies," featuring Vanessa Marquez, which is dope. I don't really like this track, but it's finally been released at full version...we used to just have a snippet.

More Usher/Neptunes shit...
Usher feat. Pharrell Williams - Wifey (mediocre at best - you think it's gonna be hot when it starts out, but then it just gets wack and repetitve)
Usher feat. Vanessa Marquez - Sweet Lies (I personally feel that this should have gone on the re-release of "Confessions," or even on the original release; definitely a hot song)
Usher - U Don't Have to Call (you know this one)
Usher feat. P. Diddy - I Don't Know (this song is hot, you should recognize it too from the end of the "U Remind Me" video)