Thursday, January 19, 2006
"You down wit' me and my H-Town Chick?"  

Album Title: LeToya (self-titled) [Capitol Records]
Album Release: Spring 2006 (February or March)
Executive Producers: LeToya Luckett & Dave Young

Album Description: "It's an R&B/southern street kind of record. What I'm talking about is basically my experiences for the past five years. Relationships, love, different stuff, just growing as a person." - LeToya (Ozone Magazine)
LeToya says this album will be "hard R&B." She is singing over hip-hop beats, something you would expect rappers to use for their tracks. Vibe magazine describes it as an album that "bridges the bedroom to the streets." Far from the pop-type of music she sang 6 years ago in Destiny's Child, LeToya sets out to put her own sound to establish herself in this industry. Expect your club bangers, ballads, and some chopped & screwed sound from this singer's debut album.

Guest Appearances: Ebony Eyez, Slim Thug, Bun B., Jazze Pha, Paul Wall, and Killa Kyleon.
Other Producers & Writers: Jermaine Dupri, Ebony Burks, Tim & Bob Kelley (Bobby Valentino's "Slow Down," & "Tell Me"), Gavin Luckett, Sean Garrett, and Mike City.

Album Tracks & Details:

"All Eyes On Me" feat. Paul Wall & Slim Thug: "It's about coming into your own, getting your self esteem up. It's a real hot club joint." - LeToya (MTV News)
This track is produced by J.R. and it's a club banger. The song starts off loud horns, which will definitely grab your attention. It's a middle-eastern influenced track and is definitely a ladies anthem. The title is self-explanatory: all eyes is on her.

"Good" feat. Ebony Eyez: Produced by none other than Scott Storch. This song has the S.S. signature sound: your violins, a catchy beat, and the bassline for your car (think Toni Braxton's "Please"). In this song, LeToya croons about a guy doing her wrong for so long, she's done with it. She is turning the tables around and is going out and not worrying about him, the same way he did her. A bit of vocal ability shown here, she belts out on this song.

"Hey Fella" feat. Slim Thug: "I'm just looking for this thug-type guy: a grilled-out, Southern country boy who basically comes in like, 'Why don't you just do away with your situation, 'cause you need a thug in your life.'" - LeToya (King Magazine)
This song is produced by Flash (Ciara's "Ooh Baby," from "Goodies"). This is a mid-tempo, laid-back type of song. The song opens with her humming over the guitar and drums. She tells the guy what she wants in a man and tries to see if he's able to handle her. A lot have said this song has a Aaliyah-feel to it.
download (without Slim Thug)

"Tear the Club Up" feat. Bun B. & Jazze Pha: This is produced by Jazze Pha ("1, 2 Step," etc.). Another club joint. This song starts off with Bun B. and Jazze introducing themselves and Ms. Toya. This will DEFINITELY get you out of your seat and make you hit the floor. One of her favorite songs, also set to become a single.
download (terrible quality - only version leaked)

"Gangsta Grillz" feat. Killa Kyleon: A track produced by a new Houston producer by the name of T.A. This is where she bridges chopped & screwed with R&B. The song starts off with the chorus (which is chopped & screwed) with a tight bass line. This basically describes the Houston lifestyle, the H-Town way of doing things. Another one of her favorite songs, also slated to be a club single.

"Torn": "'Torn' is one of my favorite songs. I'm a softie for ballads. I love ballads. This one record in particular is basically talking about being in a relationship and going back and forth. You've got love, but you don't know if it's the best thing. I can relate to a lot of my records, so that's one of my main favorites." - LeToya (Ozone Magazine)
Produced by Teddy Bishop and written by Teddy, LeToya, and Dave Young. This is one of her ballads. No details have been posted about this yet, but it uses a sample from Thom Bell and Linda Creed.

"Obvious": Produced by Bryan M. Cox. No details available at this time.

"I Wrote This Song": Produced by Bryan M. Cox. No details available at this time.

"She Don't": Produced by Walter Milsap and written by Candice Nelson and Walter. Walter & Candice have previously worked with Timbaland, Keri Hilson & Kiley Dean. It's a mid-tempo track, but no details have been said about this song yet.

"Keep It So Real": Produced by Jazze Pha. No details available at this time.

"No More": A ballad song that starts out with LeToya humming and singing about not crying "no more." It talks about a relationship where she feels that she is not needed and the man doesn’t give her love and affection, so she is leaving him. No word on who produced it yet. But a chopped & screwed version with Slim Thug has supposedly been floating around.

Addition Songs, not on the album: What Love Can Do (produced by the CornaBoyz), "You Got What I Need" (produced by Just Blaze), assorted free-styles from her "H-Town Chick" Mixtape, including "I'm A Queen," "Play," & "Outta Control."

What Love Can Do - download
You Got What I Need - download
I'm A Queen - download
Play - download
Outta Control - download

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