Monday, March 20, 2006
The Mossie - Soil Savvy  

Four Years after their album "Point Seen, Money Gone" dropped in 2001, Mugzi(young brother of E40), Tap, & Kaveo Return with their new album "Soil Savvy"(3030 Records/Sic Wid It Records)

Known for their debut album "Have Heart, Have Money" in '97 for selling 100,000 records without the help of a major label they returned to the scene with the help of Mugzi's nephew, the bay areas one and only Droop-E. Soil Savvy, a collection of Yay Area cuts that guarantee Slaps for the Blaps(Car Stero System) and enough production that will suit your dread/weaves/waves/mohawk shaking needs. It doesnt get more Savvy then this.

The Mossie Featuring Droop-E, B-Slimm & Keak Da Sneak - Download
(Prod. by The Pharmaceuticals)

Introduced by the synth ripping through and the 8o8 pattern attached to it, E40 presents the album with his Stamp of Approval. The "Do-Do" & flute instruments gave it a saucy catch especially the chick in the background going "I'm Crazy" (that goes!). the beat over all is scientificly certified slap. The theme is about going CRAZY from shaking it like some tig ol' biddies and leavin dudes wrapped up like sushi. Droop-E droppin his metaphors and similies such as "Don't Let the PoPo see the crack, man/ ...Swallow the rock like Pac-Man / From the Hills to the Crest and im not talkin about toothpaste". This track Goes if you're about to stomp the shit out of an escalade.

The Mossie Featuring Mistah F.A.B - Throw It Up - Download
(Prod. by The Pharmaceuticals)

Fabby on the hook like Whaaa. On his first verse he howls the Clint Eastwood Western Theme and jumps to bidness. Throwing his trademark "Son of a Pimp" & "Yellow Bus Rider" on the verse. Tap jumps on the second verse and his rhythm comes out witty and dumbass hard. His delivery matched his energy perfectly. Mugzi comes in third clowning (acting a fool) and letting the doors open in his scrape and just lounging in the street. Kaveo comes in last with lines that talk about the lifestyle of living in the Bay. The production is a perfect example of how the Bay Area's prime production sounds like. Loud, crazy, energetic and flavorful. Yet another perfect track to play while ghostriding the Maxima.

The Mossie Featuring E-40, Turf Talk & Rick Rock - Go Ignit - Download
(Prod. by Droop-E)

The Track Featured on Droop-E's The Bay Bridges Compilation is featured last on the album. When this hit the radio it was certified slump and from the reaction I saw in the club, people got the floor wet! A Slumper from the boy wonder Droop-E. The Sampled Voice in the beginning hit when Droop-E lifted up the tempo and was complimented by the shakers. The Mossie Ripped the beat as well as Turf Talk with his signature ad libs and doubles. The Title speaks for itself. The theme is talking about some Ignit shit! From selling crack and quiting rap cause it pays well to people that shouldn't fight with Ignit people. Yet again, this track Goes and is perfect for a friday night in front of the club dancing on top of your Buick.

Overall the album has it's hits and misses, but despite it all.. it's still The Mossie, still one of the most known unknown groups out of the Bay Area, and the production, still slaps.

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